With the help of medical syringe as hydraulic piston, How to make Hydraulic tree shifter device

How to make the tree shifter hydraulic device in steps

Digging Moving Transplanting or Replanting is the technique of moving a plant from one location to another where it is better suited to resist the problem such as cutting of trees during road , buildings and industries construction and to harmonize urban development & landscape with human needs . It is based on Pascal law which states “confined liquid transmits pressure intensity equally in all direction “. Transplanting consisting with 3 major process Which are digging , moving and planting etc. Replanting

tree shifter hydraulic device

Need to transplant

  • Move trees from one site to another where it is better suited.
  • Save Trees from construction/road
  • To harmonize urban development & landscape with human needs.
  • Protect trees from deforestation when lands are cleared for industrial development Importance of Tree Transplant Machine
  • Useful and valuable in saving the trees by way of transplanting to other location.
  • Useful in developing public awareness for conservation of trees.
  • With the blend of this technology, tree conservation can be coupled with the development process.

Model of Tree Transplantation Hydraulic Machine

Design of Prototype Due to cost and availability hydraulic pump and piston are too costly and rarely available. And as we want to put our idea in the real life scenario we using medical syringe as hydraulic piston. As these are exact analogs to original pump and piston so we can use it as engineering prototype

Materials Used in Prototype 1. Foam Board 2. Jigsaw 3. Screw 4. Nut Bolt 5. Syringes 12ml 6. Hoses 7. DC Motor 8. Gears 9. Electrical Wire 10. DPDT Switch 11. Liquid ( Water )

How to make the tree shifter hydraulic device in steps


Drive Motor Selection • 5 DC Motors having 12 Volts is used in which 2 is used to drive independent wheels , 2 for controlling arms & 1 for gears . • This Model of Hydraulic machine is designed to digging the soil and lift the tree for transplanting thus We using a 30 rpm and 10rpm 12V DC motor.

Syringes • A syringe is a simple pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly in a tube. • 4 syringes are used to drive the spades . Gears • 2 Horizontal and 1 vertical gears are used

Wheel Design :- Plastic wheels with rubber treads for light weight and cost effectiveness.  Rubber treads will be used to increase traction between ground and wheels. 4 wheels of 70mm will be used. Hoses  A hollow tube designed to carry fluids from one location to another is used .

How to make the tree shifter hydraulic device in steps

Foam Board :- Foam board, also known as foam core ,is a backing material used for framing the parts .  Screw & Nut Bolt  A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole  24 no,s are used .

DPDT switch , rainbow wire and PCB • Control of the machine will be manual with the help of a joystick for driving & controlling each wheels and arm of the machine separately. • Components of the controlling circuit are PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ), DPDT switches, Wires etc.

Working : Moving and Transplanting Trees • Prepared site by tilling the soil and raking it smooth. • Dug hole to receive new tree. • Proper size of tree spade – Hole will accommodate the a root ball substantial enough to support the tree.

The operator controls the spade from the truck. • Hydraulic supports provide a stable foundation and prevents the spade from tipping over. • The spade blades are inserted into the soil.

The blades are closed together to contain the soil ball. • The tree spade is now used to dig the tree.

How to make the tree shifter hydraulic device in steps

The blades are positioned around the tree to insure the root ball is an equal distance on all sides of the trunk.
The frame and rear blades are driven down hydraulically into the soil.
Each of the blades is moved several inches at one time until they are all as deep as possible.
The blades are closed, tree is removed, root ball intact

Adjusts the tree spade for safe transport. Depending on the species of the tree , the travel distance,
For highway transport, a special “diaper” is used to cover the spades to prevent soil loss.
The operator does some root trimming/pruning.

The tree is lowered into the ground
The operator now take over the truck with the tree to the new hole.

Once the transplanting operation is complete, the tree needs to provide support until the roots become established.
Removed the blades and plant the tree
If it is planted to shallow, roots may be damaged by temperature fluctuations and lack of soil moisture.
Planting it too deeply will cause girdling problems.

The wires are attached to metal stakes which are set in the ground in a triangle to support the tree evenly.
Use wire to support the tree to cushion the tree limbs and prevent girdling.

Wooden dowel or screwdriver is inserted between the two wires and twisted to tighten the wire, to support it evenly.
Root ball should be flooded with water during this process.
Staking method also allows the wires to be loosened and eventually removed as the root system becomes established.

How to make the tree shifter hydraulic device in steps

After the tree is staked, continue to water the root ball slowly and thoroughly, allowing for the water to penetrate the soil ball and surround soil Newly planted trees should be watered regularly and the root ball should be saturated to a depth of 12″.
The staking should be removed as soon as the tree is well-rooted.

Best practices for safe transplanting
Create a favourable soil environment
Transplant when it’s damp/cool
Avoid root disturbance
Don’t let roots dry out
Be gentle with the roots when untangling root-bound mats
Transplant to the right depth
Make sure that only one plant from the original container gets transplanted to the new pot/garden space
If there are more, snip all but the healthiest one off at the soil line

How to make the tree shifter hydraulic device in steps


Move from one site to another better suited.

Harmonize urban development & landscape with human needs to save it from constructions/ roads.

Protect trees from deforestation when lands are cleared for industrial development.

There are a lot of tree service providers who are known for the best environment preservation help.

They serve a variety of clients directed to plant health care and planting.

There are a lot of tree service providers who are known for the best environment preservation help.


How do you uproot a tree?
Uproot the tree by digging around it with a shovel to depth and leave it for 4 to 6 weeks before lifting it. This will stimulate the growth of new roots. Cut back the foliage by about a third.

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