What is Spring Loaded Accumulator | Construction, Working, and more

Spring Loaded Accumulator used spring force to store hydraulic energy. 


  • A spring loaded accumulator consists of cylinder body, a movable piston and a spring.
  • The spring applies a force to the piston. As dead weight accumulator is requires more bulky weights, spring provided large force in a limited area for the same pressure.
  • The spring used in this accumulator is compression spring which exerts force on the piston.
Spring Loaded Accumulator


  • When pressurized oil enter from the inlet at the bottom, it pushes the piston in the upward direction against the spring force.
  • Piston moves from the lower end to the upper end spring get compressed. When piston reaches the upper stop end, the accumulator is fully charged.
  • Accumulator is connected to the application point, spring pressure forces the oil under pressure through the outlet port. When spring is fully expanded the accumulator is unloaded and discharged.


accumulator symbol


  1. They are compact and smaller.
  2. Mounting is easy.


  1. Less capacity
  2. Operate at low pressure
  3. The pressure is not uniform and does not remain constant.


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