Pressure reducing valve – Direct operated

How to read hydraulic valve model number

Sandwich module

How to read hydraulic valve model numberPressure reducing valve - Direct operated

Models ZDR are 3-way direct operated pressure reducing -relieving valves. They maintain a “reduced” pressure in a branch circuit and permit “relieving” pressure spike occurrences in the reduced branch circuit.

How to read hydraulic valve model number

Model Number   –          ZDR6 DP2-43/50 YM-SP

Z                            –          Sandwich plate    

DR                         –          Pressure reducing valve

6                            –          Nominal size (for mounting 6 and 10)

D                           –          Direct operated

P                            –          Pressure reduction in port P1( A2,B2)

2                            –          Adjustment element Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap  (1 – Rotary knob)

50                          –         Max. secondary pressure(25bar,75bar,150bar,210bar)

Y                          –          Internal pilot oil supply, External leakage oil drain

M                          –         Without check valve

How to read hydraulic valve model number

Pilot operated check valve

Sandwich module

pilot operated check valve

Models Z2S are pilot operated check valves in a sandwich plate design. They provide line contact closure in one or two actuator ports, even during idle periods. Piloted to open, utilizing a pressure signal from the opposite actuator port provides a self-contained function.

check valve

Model Number  –         Z2S6 – 2 – 64
Z2S                        –        Check valve
6                           –        Nominal size
2                           –        Cracking pressure (1 – 3 bar, 2 – 5 bar,3 – 7.5 bar, 4 – 10 bar)

How to read hydraulic valve model number

Non-return valve

Double throttle check valve – sandwich module

check valve

Flow control valves, Model Z2FS, are double throttle/check sandwich type valves. They restrict flow to or from actuator ports (A and B) of a directional valve. Two throttle/check valves, symmetrically arranged in the housing, restrict flow with adjustable throttles in one direction while providing free flow in the opposite direction.

non return valve

Model number – Z2FS 6-2-44/2QV

Z2FS – Double throttle/Check valve

6        – Nominal size (For mounting available in 6,10,16,22)

2        –  Adjustment element( Screw with locknut and protective cap 7-Rotary knob with scale) 

44      –  Series

2Q    – Standard version

V      – FKM seal

How to read hydraulic valve model number


What do the letters on a hydraulic valve mean?
Rather than simply being referred to by a number, the ports on a directional control valve are labeled to indicate the purpose of the port. A and B are the working ports that connect to the actuator, P comes from the pump and T returns to the tank.

How are valves identified?
Labels must identify the valve and usually do so by including the valve number. The label also typically identifies the type of valve and the system of which the valve is a part. It is important to note that the type of valve specified depends on its function rather than the valve design.

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