Pressure reducing valve – Direct operated

sandwich module


How to read hydraulic valve model numberPressure reducing valve - Direct operated

Models ZDR are 3-way direct operated pressure reducing -relieving valves. They maintain a “reduced” pressure in a branch circuit and permit “relieving” pressure spike occurrences in the reduced branch circuit.
How to read hydraulic valve model number
Model Number   –          ZDR6 DP2-43/50 YM-SP
Z                            –          Sandwich plate    
DR                         –          Pressure reducing valve
6                            –          Nominal size (for mounting 6 and 10)
D                           –          Direct operated
P                            –          Pressure reduction in port P1( A2,B2)
2                            –          Adjustment element Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap  (1 – Rotary knob)
50                          –         Max. secondary pressure(25bar,75bar,150bar,210bar)
Y                            –          Internal pilot oil supply, External leakage oil drain
M                           –         Without check valve
Pilot operated check valve

sandwich module


pilot operated check valve

Models Z2S are pilot operated check valves in a sandwich plate design. They provide line contact closure in one or two actuator ports, even during idle periods. Piloted to open, utilizing a pressure signal from the opposite actuator port provides a self-contained function.
check valve
Model Number    –         Z2S6 – 2 – 64
Z2S                         –        Check valve
6                             –        Nominal size
2                             –        Cracking pressure (1 – 3 bar, 2 – 5 bar,3 – 7.5 bar, 4 – 10 bar)
Non-return valve

Double throttle check valve – sandwich module


check valve


Flow control valves, Model Z2FS, are double throttle/check sandwich type valves. They restrict flow to or from actuator ports (A and B) of a directional valve. Two throttle/check valves, symmetrically arranged in the housing, restrict flow with adjustable throttles in one direction while providing free flow in the opposite direction.


non return valve


Model number – Z2FS 6-2-44/2QV

Z2FS – Double throttle/Check valve

6        – Nominal size (For mounting available in 6,10,16,22)

2       –  Adjustment element( Screw with locknut and protective cap 7-Rotary knob with scale) 

44     –  Series

2Q    – Standard version

V       – FKM seal



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