Hydraulic Hose pipe is designed to carry hydraulic fluid in actuators and valves etc. Hoses made with high precision can take high level pressure. The hose has a very wide application in the hydraulic industry.

There are number of applications in the hydraulic system where rigid piping is not suitable..
1) When pipe is to bend for short distance connection.
2) Drive unit is to moved with the pipe line.

Hence, flexible pipes which can be easily bend to any shape are used in hydraulic system. These flexible pipes are known as hydraulic hose pipe.

They are made of composite material in the form of rubber reinforced with fibre or steel wire brading.

Usually hoses are constructed in three layers…

hydraulic Hose pipe

a) Inner tube

It is rubber or other synthetic material tube through which the fluid is passed and it comes directly in contact with the pressurised oil.

b) Re- inforcement

It gives strength to the hose in the form of wire arranged in grid design, it uses steel wire of high tensile strength to withstand very high working pressure, permit longer life, and more durability to the hose.

The steel wire may be either spirally woven or cross-woven.

c) Outer protective layer

The reinforcement of the hose is protected by the outer cover from corrosion, abrasion and other damage.

Various types of synthetic elastomers having excellent abrasion resistance and weather resistance materials are used for outer protective layer.

Neoprene, synthetic GRS rubbers are commonly used for this cover.

Sometimes sleeves are provided for protection of hoses from external rubbing, abrasion etc.

Factors for selection of hose/pipe

1. Pressure
2. Flow capacity
3 Type of fluid
4. Temperature
5. Type of application.

Advantages of Hydraulic hoses pipe –

1. Flexible in nature

2. High capacity to absorb shocks/vibrations than metal tubes.

3. Easy for installation and dismantle.

4. They are capable to take high pressure.

Disadvantage of Hydraulic hoses pipe –

1.Poor abrasion resistance.

2. Initial cost is higher.

3. They are damaged due to incompatible oil and abrasion.

Hydraulic Hose Pipe

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