What is Ram cylinder | Definition, Construction, Working, and more

Ram cylinder

When piston is larger and almost equal to the piston rod, it is known as ram cylinder.


  • It consists of cylinder in which ram Or plunger is mounted. The plunger is a larger size piston with d=l. Hence piston and piston rod are same as a single element.
  • The platform is provided at the top of the ram for placing the heavy loads conveniently.
  • The single inlet is provided in the cylinder for oil feed. The r is always mounted vertically. It is single acting type.



  • When pressurised oil enter through inlet, it will lift the ram in the upward direction. The load is lifted to the required height.
  • When oil supply is cut off to lower the load, the ram come downward die to gravity force and oil is drained to the tank through the outlet port.





  1. Commonly used as a lift in a automobile service station.
  2. Material handling equipments
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