What is 5S?

5S is a 5 step which was created by Japaneses, we also call it 5s rule, mainly it is designed to make the work being done in manufacturing company more smooth and good. In today’s era, almost every small to big company follows the 5s rule, in addition to 5 steps, now 1s has been added to it which is safety, 5s is used in every company. “5S is a workplace organization method. Which is made up of 5 Japanese words.”

And these are 5 Japanese words –

1.    SeiriSortछँटाई
2. SeitonSet In orderसुव्यवस्थित
3. Seisō Shineस्वच्छता
4. SeiketsuStandardizeमानकीकरण
5. Shitsuke Sustainअनुसाशन

Now we will know in detail about these 5s, what are they and how and what works. How can we implement 5S at our work place.

1S – Seiri – Shorting

Sorting means separating essential and unnecessary items from the workplace. As there are some items which we never use means unnessary items, as well as some items which we need but after some time, as well as some items are such that we don’t need in large quantity.

Sorting means separating all those items in your workplace that are not needed, keeping only those things that are needed at the work place, those that are being used, removing the necessary goods from there, identifying them that they are suitable for use is or not To implement our 1S, we will remove these unnecessary items. Before removing them, we will make a list of it and confirm that the items we are removing are of no use to us. Put the items in the order they are to be used or the order in which the items are to be used.

How to make it

  1. The things we need again and again. We should keep such things near our workplace. So that no time is wasted in finding those items.
  2. Such things which we need but not now, we should keep such things away from our place.
  3. Goods that have gone bad. Like any Tool, Jaw, Features, Parts Jigs which have been rejected. They are not needed. Such items should be removed from their workplace.
  4. Arrange the items in order. So that things can be easily found.
  5. Use tags if required.

2S – Seiton – Set in order

In this, a place is fixed for each item and that item is kept at the same place so that when we need those items, then we can get them easily. means orderliness. All things should have a fixed place and all things should be in their places. Items are kept in the same place after use. So that if any other person needs that item, then it can be easily found by that person. This will make it easier to work.
As we keep every tool in its place in the tool room so that when we need that tool, we can take it from its place and do not need to find it, which saves the searching time.
That is, we can say that every thing has a place and every thing in its place.

How to do it

  1. Every object should be made in its place.
  2. Everything should be in its place.
  3. Tag the items.
  4. Use color code.
  5. If the items are kept in the rack, the number must be written on the rack. So that you know which item is in which rack

3S – Seiso – Shine

In this, the work area is thoroughly cleaned and problems are checked during cleaning. In many industries, a time is fixed for 5s and each worker does 5s on his line.
In this, we clean those things around us which are used by us. We should always keep our workplace, machines, equipment, floor clean and tidy. There should be no leakage of any kind in the machines or in the pipelines. If there is any leakage, it should be repaired immediately. Employees will feel more comfortable in this clean and quiet environment, which may also increase the ownership of the organization’s goals and vision.

How to do it

  1. The cleanliness you are doing at your workplace should have a meaning. We have to follow the policy with Cleaning With Meaning.
  2. We should also inspect the things while cleaning them. If unnecessary items are found while cleaning, then they should not be thrown here and there. Those
    Items should be kept in their place. If those items are of no use, then they should be put in Scraps Yard or Scrap Box only.
  3. While cleaning the objects, we should also see that it is not happening that you are cleaning one thing but you are not making the other thing dirty.
  4. Every person should fulfill his own responsibility.

4S – Seiketsu – Standardize

Within 4s, we create a standard to simplify the work, setting the standard leads to better development in our work, after the standard is made, we have to know about everything and what is the use of that object. Gets to know easily.
In standardization, everything is standardized and followed. Along with this, some such rules are made so that the problems can be easily detected.

How to do it

  1. Everyone should know about the standardize of the company. And act according to them.
  2. Every company has different standardize. So you should have complete knowledge about it.
  3. Whatever work we do, we should make a check sheet.
  4. This will eliminate the possibility of making a mistake.
  5. Work will be done soon.

5S – Shitsuke – Sustain

When we do the above 4s, then we have to make some rules for them so that when we do the next 5s, then follow these rules. To maintain discipline, the worker has to be trained and told about the rules. In this S, we should do every work of the company according to the prescribed time and working system. Complying with security rules, complying with company terms and conditions, maintaining the company’s standardize, etc. In many companies and organizations, training is given about how to maintain discipline in the company.

How to do it

  1. Monitoring daily.
  2. Give training to all the employees about it.
  3. Motivate the employees so that they maintain discipline in the company.
  4. Audit should be done from time to time at every level.
  5. Red Tag system should be used.

Who can do 5s?

5s is not the work of one person, it needs the cooperation of all the employees of the company. Everyone needs to work according to all the departments looking at the same target.

Advantages of 5S

With 5S, the quality of the product is improved, time is saved, cost is saved, and the chances of accidents are reduced.

  1. This leads to Quality Improvement.
  2. REJECTIONS are less.
  3. Cost values ​​come down.
  4. Inventory levels decrease.
  5. Keeps the workplace safe.
  6. The chances of getting an accident or getting hurt are very less.
  7. Costomer Complaint comes less.
  8. People get Motivation to do work.
  9. Working at your workplace becomes easy.
  10. Interest in working among the employees increases.

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