What is Maintenance

That is, in order to operate any equipment safely or to keep its condition better or to take the output completely from it, whatever is done according to the schedule is called maintenance.
Now here at least it means to lubricate the machine, clean it, inspect it, and tighten its nut bolt, these things are included.
By the way, let me tell you one thing that the maintenance program of all the devices is not the same. It depends on which instrument you are maintaining, whether it is mechanical to rail, related to electrical or from instrument department.


Importance of maintenance management

Maintenance Management is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the industrial plant and helps to improve productivity.
It also helps to keep machines / equipment in their optimal operating condition. Therefore, plant maintenance is an important and indispensable service function of an efficient production system.
It also helps maintain and improve the operational efficiency of plant facilities and therefore contributes to revenue by reducing operating costs and improving the quality and quantity of the product being manufactured.
As a service function, it deals with the clutter of some costs. Important components of these costs are the employment of maintenance personnel, other small administrative expenses, investment in maintenance equipment, and inventory of components / repair parts and maintenance materials.
The absence of plant maintenance can lead to frequent machine breakdowns and failures of some productive centers / services, resulting in interruption of production activities, downtime of people and machines, subsequent interruption of the operation, the poor quality of the production, the total failure in the delivery. Dates of supply of products, industrial accidents that endanger the lives of workers / operators and associated costs, etc.

Type of Maintenance

Normally there are two types of maintenance –

  1. Planned maintenance
  2. Unplanned maintenance

But if we talk about industries, then there are the following types of maintenance –

  1. Preventive maintenance
  2. Predictive maintenance
  3. Periodic maintenance
  4. Corrective maintenance
  5. Breakdown maintenance

1. Preventive maintenance

Before the breakdown of any instrument, the maintenance that is done to remove its possible causes is called preventive maintenance.

It is a method for preventing damage to equipment by periodically replacing parts based on time of use and carrying out minor maintenance and inspections to find out the current state of the equipment / machinery.

Preventive maintenance

Suppose our machine is about to go into a breakdown due to some reason and we come to know about that thing in time, then we replace or repair that instrument by taking particular time so that the machine cannot go into breakdown. We call it preventive maintenance.
Each instrument has a different check point. Keeping in view the capacity and importance of the equipments, a schedule of preventive maintenance is made. By following which regularly we can increase the life of the instrument and its working efficiency.
Preventive maintenance reduces breakdown and increases machine production. Loss is reduced by doing regular maintenance, which saves energy.

2. Predictive maintenance – Guessing to produce something

Predictive maintenance is a method for doing maintenance by replacing parts based on predictions using a tool. The point is if the preventive method is only based on the schedule, then the predictive method is based on the results of the measurement.

As, when we check the machine, then any noise comes from it, then we know that our machine is going to go into breakdown i.e. we guessed it and solved that problem only then.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is condition based maintenance. That is, by looking at the condition of an instrument, the steps taken to remove the breakdown in the future are called predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance does not completely eliminate all aspects, but it does reduce the number of breakdowns that occur.

3. Periodic maintenance – Time-based maintenance

The process of such maintenance that we do after an interval of time is called periodic maintenance.

In time-based maintenance, any type of maintenance, such as cleaning, greasing and repairing, is done in a stipulated time.

Example: – Change the coolant and oil in the machine every 15 days.


4. Corrective maintenance

It is a method intended to improve the reliability of equipment/machines by improvising. In addition to equipment, it is also intended for parts that have a short life cycle (reduce the frequency of damage) and speed up repair time.

Corrective maintenance

What happens in this, suppose any of our machines went into breakdown and we solved that breakdown back, after that when we run the machine, then the efficiency with which the machine was running back to the same condition is called corrective maintenance. is |
Meaning that the problem which has come in the machine after finding the root cause of the problems, the steps that are taken so that it does not come again, it is called corrective maintenance. In corrective maintenance, the problem is solved by finding the root cause of the problem, which reduces the chances of the same problem coming. At the same time, the chances of breakdown are also reduced.

5. Breakdown maintenance

It is a method where inspection and replacement of parts are not carried out, so with this method we leave the equipment damaged and then we fix it or replace it.

Breakdown maintenance

Breakdown means wear and tear, the type of maintenance performed when the machine is completely shut down. That is, the instrument we have gets spoiled completely. This type of maintenance is called breakdown maintenance.
This type of maintenance includes the breakdown of the machine, the separation of its parts, things like short-circuit. Breakdown Maintenance Us Preventive And Predictive
Warns to be more careful towards maintenance.

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