What is Fluid | Type of fluids

  • Fluid is defined as substance which has capacity to flow.
  • Fluid is a substance that deform continuously under the section of shear stress, no matter if it is small.
Fluid Mechanics 

Fluid mechanics is the branch of engineering science which deals with the behavior of fluids at rest as well as motion.

Type of fluids 

The fluids may be classified into following types

1) Ideal fluid : A fluid, which is incompressible and having no viscosity, is known as ideal fluid.

2) Real fluid : A fluid which posses viscosity, is known as real fluid. All fluids in actual practice are real fluid.

3) Newtonion fluid : A real fluid, in which the shear is directly proportional to the rate of Shear strain is known as newtonion fluid.
4) Non-newtonion fluid : A real fluid in which the shear stress is not proportional to the rate of shear strain is known as Non-newtonion fluid.

5) Ideal plastic fluid : A fluid in which shear stress is more than the yield value and shear stress is proportional to rate of strain is known as ideal plastic fluid.


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