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The main function of wheel is to support the load of the vehicle and passengers and two resist the side force during turning called lateral load. The wheel also transmit engine driving talk and breaking torque to the type while driving and breaking called as track to load

Type of Automobile wheels

  1. Pressed steel discs
  2. Wheels with steel wire spokes
  3. Light alloy casting wheels

Construction and working of pressed Steel disk wheel

pressed steel wheel disc
  • Now a day these Wheels are widely used for cars.
  • These are light, strong, cheap and resistance to accidental damage. This type of wheel consists of two parts, namely Rim and the disc member welded together.
  • When the bead of the tyre is resting in the well, it is possible to pass the tyre over the opposite is of the rim.
  • The seat of the rim where the tyre rests has 5 to 15 degree teper so as the tyre is inflated, the beads are forced up the taper to give a wedge fit with tubeless tyre, the taper help of make a good seal.
  • The wheels are secured to the axle by 4 or 5 bolt spaced equally in a circle around the hub flanges.
  • Some lots are provided in the wheel disc to allow the air to pass to the inner side for better cooling the brake drum inside.
  • A hole in the rim serves to accommodate tube valve.
  • A wheel constructed in two parts which when fastened together combines to form a rim having to fixed flanges is called a divided wheel.

Wire or spoke wheels

spoked wheel
  • These wheels are lighter, stronger and springy.
  • It consist of a separate hub which is attached to rim through number of wire called spokes. These spokes are mounted in a complicated criss- cross fashion in all the three plane.
  • The component of vehicle weight in the direction of spokes above hub is sustained by these spokes in tension. The braking and driving torque are taken by spokes.
  • The side forces during cornering are taken by the spokes forming triangular arrangement.
  • The initial tension in the spokes can be adjusted by screw nipples which also serve to secure the spokes to the rim.
  • The hub is provided with internal spline to corresponding spline on axle shaft.


These are light weight and high strength.
It provide better cooling of the brake drum due to better air flow around the brake drum and heat dissipated capacity.
It is very easy for changing the wheel as only one nut has to be opened.


These are difficult to clean.
Spoked tend to work loose in service.
As rim has a hole for nipples, it is not possible to fit tubeless tyre.
These are expensive due to complicated in construction.

Cast light alloy wheel

light cast alloy wheel
  • Cast alloy wheels are made from casting of light alloy of aluminium or magnesium.
  • They have wider rims and radial ribs which also acts as an angled spokes to provide strength and air circulation also reduce noise and vibration. Wider rims are provide stability during cornering.
  • Stoveenameling of alloy improve appearance and provide corrosion resistance property.
  • Cast wheels are generally used for car while forged wheels are preferred for heavy vehicles. Heavier section of wheel can be used which improve the stifness and result in better stress distribution

Type of Rim, their construction and working

What is Rim ?

Rim is well type of structure in which the tyre is contained.


The rim are generally of two types

  1. Drops Centre Rim
  2. Flat base rim.
section of rim
  • Drops Centre rims are generally widely used in two wheeler where as flat base rims are used in commercial vehicle. The rims are made of steel or aluminium.
  • Also rim again classified into flat base 3 piece rim, semi drop centre and flat base divided type. For car tyre, well base or drop centre is the common tyre.
  • The tyre is pressed into the racess of the drop centre well for laveling in opposite side over the rim flange. A slight tape is of 5 degree is provided for riding up the bead due to air pressure in the tyre.
  • Flat base 3 piece rim is a detachable flange rim. It is used with stiff and heavy beads tyre fitted on heavy vehicles.
  • The flange is held in position by a split lock ring similar to larger circlip. The lock ring may be removed after pushing the flange toward the tyres. Semi drops centre rim is a two piece rim. it is compromises between well base and flat base rim.
  • It is suitable for light vehicle.
  • It’s removal is simplified by split, detachable flange while the tyre is locked to the rim by a slight taper, when the tyre is removed the slight well mail be used.
  • Flat base divided type rim used mainly on military vehicle. It is made in two halves which are bolted together by a ring of nut adjacent to the rim. For changing wheel these nuts should never be removed.


Who when invented the wheel?
ancient Mesopotamian people
However, the ancient Mesopotamian people are widely believed to have invented the wheel around 4200–4000 BC, It is likely to have also been invented, independently in China, around 2800 BC.

How does a wheel work?
Wheels on cars and lorries are attached to a pole called an axle, which passes through the centre of the wheel. The engine spins the axle round and round, turning the wheel and moving the vehicle along.

What is wheel facts?

  • A wheel is a disc- or circle-shaped device.
  • A wheel allow things to roll.
  • No wheels exist in nature.
  • The first wheels were originally used by potters to help shape clay.
  • The ancient Greeks invented the wheelbarrow.
  • Wheels are used on Cars, Bikes, Buses, Ferris Wheel, Aeroplane wheels, and baby strollers.

Where do we use the wheel?
Wheels can be used for transportation.

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