Hydraulic Pipe Bender Machine Maintenance Chart

The maintenance is very important for pipe and tube bending machines (Hydraulic Pipe Bender Machine)as operation. 

One of the most importance maintenance guidelines of the hydraulic pipe bending machines is that, the hydraulic system of the equipment must be drained and refilled daily basis, because keeping the oil clean is very important to the operation for the entire hydraulic system.
The regular drainage of water from the tank of a hydraulic tube bending machine is necessary to remove impurities from the oil.
At the same time, the oil in the entire hydraulic system must be drained periodically to completely remove impurities and oxidized hydraulic oil from the system.
Now finish this work and clean hydraulic oil needs to be re-added in the system.

Rules for maintenance of manual hydraulic pipe bender machine

Hydraulic Pipe Bender Machine
  1. Operate the tube and pipe bender strictly in accordance with the operating procedures.
  2. Check V-belts, handles, knobs, buttons, wear and repairs, also make report for preventive maintenance.
  3. Check the emergency switch, safety and handle regularly to ensure its reliability.
  4. Lubricate and clean the pipe bending equipment daily basis before work every day.
  5. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment.
  6. According to the lubrication time, fixed point of the elbow table, add lubricating oil. The oil should be cleaned before the metal tube bender is running, no dirt on machine.
  7. The metal pipe bender must always be kept clean always, and unpainted rust-proof grease part.
  8. The lubricating oil in the motor bearings should be replaced daily basis, and the electrical components should be checked to ensure safety of a machine and reliability.

Maintenance of the CNC pipe bending machine

cnc pipe bending machine

1) Check the CNC pipe bender must be well-grounded. 

2) It is not allowed to connect the power supply voltage exceeding the specified range voltage. 

3) Do not insert or remove plug-in under power, proximity switches, encoders, etc. with hard objects. 

4) The CNC tube bending machine bed should be kept always clean, and special attention should be paid to no foreign objects in the sliding grooves such as clamping blocks and sliders.

5) Lubricate the chain and other sliding parts regular basis. Daily check whether the oil level of the fuel tank reaches the oil level line, fill the lubrication points, turn on the motor to confirm the steering.

6) Now mold installation, require the mold and the clamping block to be centered, and the clamping block can be adjusted with bolts, the booster block and the mold are centered, and the booster block Adjustable, the core head and the mold are centered, loosen the core head frame bolts, and tighten the bolts after adjusting the center.

7) Always, when the CNC pipe bending machine is started, give attention that the human body must not enter in the range swept by the rotating arm. When the machine is working, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space swept by the boom and pipe unless accident done. 

8) Always check hydraulic oil day to day and if necessary then replaced once a year, and the oil filter must be cleaned at the same time. When adjusting the machine tool and mold, the adjuster should press the button to adjust it. Never adjust machine tool and mold on the machine with one person and operate it on the control cabinet with the other.

What is Hydraulic Pipe Bender Machine Maintenance Chart

Always remove the mandrel when adjusting the machine tool or driving the car empty.
The pressure of the hydraulic system in pipe bending machine cannot be greater than10-12Mpa.
The adjustment speed is synchronous with the linear speed of the edge of the turning mold of the turning arm.
Always, before using the machine for a period of time, the tension of the chain should be checked to keep the upper and lower chains tight and if necessary then greasing work done.
The maintenance of the tube and pipe bending machine is most important and also for future investment.
The maintenance of the tube bender is not just troubleshooting, but maintenance is a long-term investment to ensure that the survival and development of the buyer’s company and obtain economic benefits.
Check all points of maintenance on daily basis of CNC pipe bender machine is of great significance for improving the work efficiency of the machine and reducing the company’s costs.


How do you maintain a bending machine?
Inspect and clean the machinery from the outside to the interior and outdoor units.
Check all the pieces of the machine, repair the damage if applicable.
Perform functional tests to ensure that the machine works correctly.
Replace the spare parts that need to be replaced.

How do you maintain a hydraulic bender?
Verify the tank oil level every week. If the oil level is lower than the oil window, it should be filled with hydraulic oil.
The oil must be replaced after 2000 hours of work for the new machine. After 4000-6000 hours of work, the oil must be replaced every time and the oil tank must be cleaned.

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